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Sustainability and Climate Bond Advisory

How We Will Help?

  • Identifying the projects/initiatives that align with Green/Climate Bond principles

  • Developing documentation for   

           - use of proceeds;

           - process for project evaluation and selection;

           - management of proceeds; and reporting

  • Assisting in obtaining second party opinion


  • Assisting in engagements with stakeholders and Investors through the process

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How We Will Help?


  • Prepare the Project /Programme Idea Note (PIN),

  • Project/ Programme Design Document (PDD/PD), assistance in  Validation and registration under  regulatory (CDM, JI, REDD, REDD+,  CAR) and voluntary standards (Gold  Standard, VCS, CCBA, CarboFix etc.)

  • Monitoring and Verification Assistance, documentation and assistance in verification and issuance

  • Innovative CER and VER transactions to  match any buyer’s or project developer’s  requirements for offsetting and/or  investing as also sellers needs

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Science-Based Targets

How We Will Help?

  • The decision upon the base year and target year

  • Assist in collecting and verifying appropriate, consistent and complete data


  • Aligning sector results in the country's INDC


  • Implementation Support

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Paris Agreement Article 6 Mechanisms

How We Will Help?


  • As the mechanisms and rules are being discussed and could be ready by the end of 2021, we are engaged with working with various governments and businesses to develop pilot projects for these mechanisms


  • We help businesses to structure and implement projects under JF JCM and such initiatives


  • We work with Businesses and Governments to identify projects /programs/policies that are beyond NDCs and develop documentation


  • We engage with the entities/governments who could consider some projects/ programs/ policies beyond NDCs and assist/finance the projects/ programs/ policies to procure Internationally Transferrable Mitigation Outcomes

Palm Trees

Net Zero 2050 RoadMaps for Business and Governments


How We Will Help?


  • Map the carbon footprint today and 2030

  • Develop the Plan and prepare a roadmap for achieving NDCs for 2030

  • Engage with strategy and technology teams to understand the likely futures of the business

  • Identify and map the pathways for electrification (technology and product choices) of the business and stacking up RE for all energy requirements

  • Identify the need sequestration for NET Zero 2050 and plan the initiatives

  • Develop a plan for alignment with partners upstream and downstream

Stock Exchange

Climate Risk Assessment and Management


How We Will Help?


  • Location mapping of operations (plants, logistics, supply chain, markets)

  • Projected climate regulations and their impacts, in near – midterm

  • Projected physical climate risk impacts, including acute and chronic climate change

  • Assessing the impact and consequences (including the financial) of physical changes and regulations

  • Prioritization plan of outcome risks as per risk level, severity and frequency

  • Developing Future-proofing action plan

  • Climate Risk Assessment and Management Report

  • Climate Risk Management integration into ERM

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