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CDP- Carbon and Water Disclosures

- Mapping Carbon and Water Footprint and Risks & Opportunities of the Business and its Value Chain


- Develop and Deploy a  management framework for Climate/Water Risk and Opportunity Management by engaging with strategy and Risk management teams and  internalize the issues


- Engage with the Board to scope the climate and water challenges in the ToR of committees of the Board


- Fill the CDP response. For the CDP reporters, we review their previous score, identify gaps and improve the performance before disclosures

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

- Review your previous sustainability disclosures (BRR, SR, CDP, DJSI etc) and identify gaps to perform better or improve the score at DJSI Assessment

- Fill the Gaps in Governance, Risk Management, Performance and Data and all other aspects

- Assist in developing a response to DJSI to improve the scores

Cloudy Day
Task Force On Climate-related Financial Disclosures

- Review previous climate disclosure and identify gaps in Governance, Strategy, Risk Management and Indicators of Climate in the business and value chain


- Conduct Climate Change Risk Assessment and its Financial Implications


- Fill the Gaps in Governance, Risk Management, Performance and Data  and all other aspects


- Assist in developing TCFD report

Irrigation System
Sustainability Reporting based on GRI Standards

- Review existing sustainability communications practices, systems and data vis a vis GRI Standards and sector good practices


- Advising clients to develop a business case for sustainability strategy and develop to deploy sustainability programmes, including responsible supply chain and Product Stewardship


-Developing the Sustainability Report


- Develop and deploy engagement and communications with different stakeholder groups 

Business Brainstorming
Business Responsibility Reporting

- NVGs Deployment- Prioritize and develop policies, Integrate with ISO 9000,14000 & others standards and benchmarking

- Reviewing of existing BR policies, processes, performance and communication and benchmark with the competition, good practices, code/standards and developing improvement plan


- Assist to deploy Product Stewardship, Stakeholder Engagement, Responsible Supply Chain, Inclusive Development and Environmental Restoration


- Preparation of Business Responsibility Report

Financial Report
Integrated Reporting-IIRC

10 Steps for <IR>

- Preparation for <IR>

1.Develop sustainability reporting

2.Assess the adequacy of the stakeholder engagement processes


- Getting buy-in

3.Get senior management buy-in

4.Get Board buy-in

5.Get agreement on your reporting package


- Developing integrated thinking

6.Determine material issues

7.Get agreement on your business model

8.Develop your value creation story

9.Articulate your strategy

10.Check for connectivity of information

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