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Energy Advisory

Our experienced energy professionals assist businesses and governments in managing their energy function. We work with our clients to develop a medium-term energy plan to ensure cost optimization as well as future-proofing the business.


We also conduct techno commercial review of energy function- procurement, projects, operations and investments. Our energy efficiency advisory covers energy audits, developing and deploying ISO 14000 based management systems and advice to comply with BEE-PAT and Renewable Purchase Obligations.

Business Meeting
Corporate Energy Strategy

- Develop long term, and short term goals on clients energy requirements, technologies and energy costs


- Harness Opportunities and Mitigate Risks arising out of  Govt. Policies, Regulatory Climate and Technology Trends (Electrification, Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Decentralisation)


- Suggest in the short and medium terms that would substantially  reduce energy intensity through  technology interventions in process & auxiliaries and renewable sources &technologies


- Benchmark your energy performance across the sector

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Energy Audit & EMS (ISO 50000)

- Our audits cover energy use efficiency; compliance; appropriateness of energy source/form & procurement. We conduct  walk Through and Detailed Audits for our  clients


- Our management system experts will assist you in implementing Energy Management Systems based on ISO 50000 building upon existing ISO 9000, 14000 etc

WIne Turbines
Perform Achieve Trade (PAT) Advisory

- We assist our clients in achieving compliance with PAT provisions and developing a cost-effective set of energy efficiency measures that achieve SEC target and generate ECerts

- Preparation of scheme documents  (PADs)as required by PAT rules and  assistance in verification and obtaining  issuance of ECert

- Assistance in trading ECerts–end of cycle or mid-cycle and in harnessing  energy efficiency finance

Renewable Purchase Obligation & Renewable Energy Certificates

- We facilitate power distribution companies and large open access consumers and captive consumers to fulfil their RPO compliance-Assess RPO  impacts; Quantify the impact and Develop and deploy compliance plan

- We facilitate RE Generators’ application for accreditation with the state agency (MEDA, GEDA etc.) ; Registration of the project with NLDC; REC Issuance & Trading through the power exchanges

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