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Recently, Carbon Clear released a report “Carbon Reporting Performance of the FTSE 100” which has analysed Carbon reporting performance of the FTSE 100 companies. It was made mandatory for the companies assessed to report their operational carbon emissions in their annual reports.

This analysis found that 99 companies reported on carbon in 2014 compared to 97 in 2013. 76 companies set carbon targets as part of their carbon strategy in 2014 compared to 70 in 2013. 58 companies reported their Scope 3 emissions data, compared to 42 companies in 2013. 15 companies purchased carbon offsets compared to 19 companies in 2013. 57 companies showed evidence of industry collaboration on climate change issues compared to 41 companies in 2013.This progress is definitely a good sign towards commitment to carbon reduction and dealing with the climate change issue.

According to the list of top 100 FTSE U.K Companies, Marks and Spencer were the third time top performers. Their robust Plan A commitments and the programme’s successive updates helped them stay at the top position. They have been focusing on engaging communities through a number of new initiatives, for example, the launch of sustainable learning stores overseas and a Global Community Programme to increase the scale of the social, environmental and economic benefits of supply chain Plan A projects. The new Entrants to the top 20 list were GlaxoSmithKline, Hammerson, Johnson Matthey and WPP where as Coca-Cola HBC AG and Mondi were the New Entrants to FTSE 100.

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