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Water is a vital necessity that all people need in order to survive. Water shortage and degradation is a growing concern for many countries as the demand of water for the industries and agriculture is rising.

DuPont Pioneer, a world’s leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, recognized that water scarcity has a critical impact on agricultural productivity and food security and hence introduced solutions to overcome these challenges through a variety of new technologies and innovative agricultural practices.

Some of those practices are: • Providing high quality and high yielding seeds. • Providing agronomic support and services which helps the farmers to increase their productivity and profitability. • Developing sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Their efforts have helped farmers to maximize their yields without draining valuable water resources, for example: • In Andhra Pradesh, DuPont Pioneer seeds has introduced a new type of hybrid corn that requires less water and can thrive within the state’s changing climactic conditions. • Worked with Punjab government to introduce crop diversification on growing diversified crop varieties like corn and rice to reducing water usage considerably. • In both the states, DuPont developed an approach to create awareness, holding crop seminars, distributing seeds and providing right agronomic services.

It will prove to be an important step towards the conservation of water for a better future. More innovations are needed in order to completely eradicate this problem not only from India but from the world.

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