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RSM GC publishes its 10th report on GRI

RSM GC Sustainability team is pleased to announce publication of 10 sustainability reports for our clients spread across SE Asia, for the last financial year. All the ten reports were externally assured, with nine reports compliant to GRI G4 and one to G3.1.

Nine of these 10 reports are from first time reporting companies. Thus, our scope started with setting policies, stakeholder engagement incl. management awareness etc.Client NameLink to report on GRI1)     JSW Steel, India     Jaya Shree Textiles, India     Vikram Woollens, India     Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited, India     PT. Indo Liberty Textiles,     PT. Elegant Textile Industry,     PT. Sunrise Bumi Textiles,     Indo Thai Synthetics,     Thai Acrylic Fiber Co. Limited, Thailand  Indo Phil Textile Mills Inc., Philippines

We welcome feedback on the reports and queries from interested new clients for assistance in their reporting. Please visit our website for further details and contact points

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