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Updating status of implementation of registered CDM projects at two years Information note for the p

As per the ‘Clean Development Mechanism Project Cycle Procedure, Version 04.0, CDM-EB65-A32-PROC’ Pg. 32, Para 182 (CDM PCP)

At two (2) years subsequent to the registration of a CDM project activity or PoA, the project participants or the coordinating/ managing entity shall provide, through a dedicated interface on the UNFCCC CDM website, an update of the status of its implementation of the project activity or PoA …”.

Referring to this requirement, some emails were received by few project developers with misinterpretation that UNFCCC will not accept CERs or will cancel CERs allotment if verification is not started within two years. RSM-GC has a response via email from the UNFCCC – CDM Team to a query on same subject.

The dedicated interface referred to in the above mentioned paragraphs is currently under development. Until further notice, project participants, CMEs and DOEs are requested to provide an update of the status by sending an e-mail to ‘’ with the subject “Update of status of implementation of registered PA/PoA” or “Update of status of verification”, clearly indicating the project activity/PoA number, title and the status in accordance with the relevant paragraph of the above-mentioned procedure”.

Thus, it is only required to send status of verification at completion two years of each project’s registration by an email to UNFCCC. Also, the CDM PCP says that it is absolutely possible to send status update as below

“The project activity or PoA has been implemented, but the project participants or the coordinating/managing entity have not yet decided to proceed with the request for issuance stage.”

Thus, project developers whose projects were registered and are about to complete two years after the registration should send a status update to UNFCCC (as per instructions above). Further, if verification is started and monitoring report is uploaded on UNFCCC web site within two years from the registration date, this status is not required to be sent.

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