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Sustainability Performance Improvement

Sustainability Policy/Position:​

  • Analysis and synthesis of Client’s Value Creation Model

  • Identifying Material and Focus Issues for the Business Sustainability

  • Articulating Policies and Positions on each of Material/Focus Issues

Responsible SupplyChain:

  • Segmentation of Supply Chain

  • Identifying material issues of suppliers

  • Developing supplier code of Conduct

  • Capacity building along the supply  chain

  • Environmental, and Social audits on suppliers

  • Green Procurement Policy

Product Stewardship:

  • Developing and deploying  Circular Economy Roadmap for clients

  • Product packaging advisory services

  • Assistance in navigating through the many layers of a product's life cycle to address the individual needs and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

  • Create circular supply chains and boost client’s sustainability scorecard

  • Assisting clients to  modernize recovery and recycling models

Life Cycle Assessment:

  • Exclusive partnership with Green Delta and association with openLCA

  • Providing sustainable consulting through Life Cycle Assessment studies including Life Cycle Costing, Social Life Cycle Assessment, and carbon footprint and quality assurance of Life Cycle studies

  • Product Labelling and developing business models based on the circular economy

Sustainability Performance Management:

  • Develop   and  deploy  management  systems as per

           –  ISO 9001:2015

           –  ISO 14001:2015

           –  ISO 14064: 2006

           –  ISO 14046: 2014

           –  SA 8000: 2014

           –  OSHAS 18001: 2007

  • Integrated management systems

  • Capacity building & training

  • Monitoring performance

Carbon & Water Footprint:

  • Assessing and mapping  Carbon &Water Footprint for entities & products

  • Systems to manage Carbon and Water as per ISO 14064/ISO 14046, CDP etc.  & Handhold you through the certification process.

  • Conduct Benchmarking with peers and improve performance

  • Conduct product level Carbon and Water  Footprint assessment and assistance in  certifications


Science-Based Targets:

  • The decision upon the base year and target year

  • Assist in collecting and verifying appropriate, consistent and complete data

  • Aligning sector results in the country’s  INDC

  • Determining SBTs and Obtaining Approvals from SBTi

  • Implementation support

Corporate Social Investments:

  • Review and Improve Compliance Documentation

  • Design and Steer Strategic CSI

  • Monitor, Measure and Evaluate CSI Project Outcomes

  • Conducting Social Assessment Studies

Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity:

  • Develop Framework, customized for the business, for DIE

  • Develop KPIs, deploy and monitor progress

  • Benchmark with best in class

  • Conduct review of your DIE processes and progress

Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Employee, management and Board engagement and deliberations

  • Supplier and Customer Engagement to assess sustainability touchpoints, risks  and co-creation opportunities

  • Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

  • People and change

  • Strategic communication

  • Digital engagement


  • Engaging with clients to arrive at  understanding  where the industry is heading in the face of climate, water, biodiversity, demographic and other major changes

  • Working with clients to Identify the businesses future position and the opportunities ahead

  • Create an innovation factory and develop future capabilities

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