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Experience and Expertise

Across sectors sample LCA Client Engagements


For Aroma Chemical Manufacturing Company, majorly dealing with B2B engagements, GC has assisted in fulfilling their requirements of the regulations of environmental clearance by conducting LCA of their 100 products in a duration of 4 weeks. The study using the Cradle to Grave approach focussed on impact categories Global Warming and Ozone Depletion.

GC performed an LCA for the manufacturing process of a Agro Chemicals company for its several chemical products, including Hexaconazole (92%), Acetamiprid, Kresoxim Methyl, and Triazole. Deploying OpenLCA software tool GC assessed life cycle environmental impacts for each product “from gate to gate".


For a Cable Manufacturing Company, GC has conducted a Life-Cycle Assessment of two products using openLCA tool in accordance with the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 guidelines. It focused on five major aspects for assessing environmental impacts namely Global Warming, Acidification, Ecotoxicity, Human Toxicity and Ozone Layer Depletion.
For an Engine Manufacturing Company, GC assisted in conducting LCA study of a Geneset. The study shows that the use phase contributes maximum to all the impact categories followed by raw material extraction phase and least contribution by manufacturing phase.

Office Equipment 

GC conducted a comprehensive LCA of an office chair, from raw materials to disposal for an Environmental Product Declaration using appropriate Product Category Rules. The EPR was further certified. The study analysed the chair's footprint across seven key areas: global warming, acidification, eutrophication, smog creation, ozone depletion, water consumption, and fossil resource scarcity

Cement & Construction
For a Real Estate Development company, GC employed LCA methodology and framework to assess the environmental impact of building construction, starting with sampling and data collection across raw material extraction, transportation, and construction phases. This cradle-to-gate analysis analyzes a wide range of environmental impacts, including ozone depletion, acidification, eutrophication, global warming, various health effects, and resource depletion. By interpreting and disseminating these results, GC has driven Green practices in design, procurement, use of materials and construction.

GC conducted the Life Cycle Assessment of cement throughout its entire life cycle, from material extraction to disposal for a cement manufacturer in India. This comprehensive approach analyzes all stages of the cement's life cycle and quantifies its impacts on key environmental concerns, such as Global Warming Potential, Acidification Potential, Eutrophication Potential and Ozone Depletion Potential.

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