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Strategy &

Strategic Ingenuity: Forging a Path to a Sustainable and Resilient Future

  • ESG/ Sustainability Framework Development or Refresh

  • Materiality Assessment

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • ESG metrics and benchmarking

  • Sustainability policy and position

  • Net zero roadmaps

  • Corporate energy strategy

  • PAT Advisory

  • RE transaction advisory

  • Future proofing

  • Domestic and international carbon market Strategy and Roadmap

  • Carbon border adjustment tax of EU and similar regimes

  • Green deposits financing framework

A robust ESG and Sustainability Strategy, with a focus on achieving net-zero emissions, serves as a compass, guiding organizations towards a future aligned with their purpose and values. It establishes objectives, sheds light on threats and opportunities, and empowers leaders to leverage strengths and address weaknesses. By providing a framework, it becomes the bedrock for informed decision-making.

With a forward-looking vision, it charts the course for long-term success, underscoring the commitment to responsible practices, environmental stewardship, social impact, strong governance, and the transition to a net-zero economy. It sets a roadmap for achieving sustainability goals, including clear targets and milestones to measure progress towards ESG and net-zero emissions.

By recognizing the interconnectedness of ESG factors and the urgency to address climate change, the strategy enables businesses to navigate risks, seize opportunities, build trust, and align with global efforts to limit global warming. Embrace the power of an ESG and Sustainability Strategy to shape a resilient future, unlock opportunities, achieve net-zero emissions, and build a sustainable legacy

Embrace strategic ingenuity with General Carbon to forge a path to a sustainable and resilient future. Together, let's unlock potential, build resilience, and create lasting positive change for the planet and future generations

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